How Epilators Work

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How Epilators Work
How Epilators Work

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Modern women often cannot imagine their life without an epilator that allows you to provide smoother skin for a longer time than a razor. But not everyone knows how it works.

Epilator Philips
Epilator Philips


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The epilator is an electrical device for removing hair by pulling it out and destroying hair follicles. Since the hair is removed from the root, the legs can remain smooth for a long time: 2-4 weeks, until hair growth is restored. The principle of operation of the epilator is based on the multi-tweezers system, which allows you to capture even the shortest hairs (up to 0.5 mm). The multi-tweezers system consists of several pairs of metal discs, which, when rotating, touch, grab the hairs and pull them out. Different manufacturing companies have their own characteristics (number of discs, rotation speed, number of tweaks per second) and their own brand name, for example, from Braun - Silk-epil.

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Most epilators have two or three speed tweezers. The first low speed is designed to remove fine or short hair that may break off at high speed rather than being removed by the root. The second higher speed is suitable for long and coarse hair. Simple single-speed models are also on sale.

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There are several types of epilators. In addition to disc, there are tweezers (equipped with metal plates). Spring epilators were popular in the past, but they often wore out and needed to be replaced. Among the modern ones, portable laser epilators can be distinguished, which, due to heating, destroy the melanin pigment in the hair follicle and hair follicles.

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In certain models, an anesthetic function is provided, which is achieved by cooling, massage or additional attachments. For cooling, removable containers with frozen water are used, inserted into the device, or cooling gloves with frozen gel inside, which are applied to the skin to reduce its sensitivity. The massage rollers and balls help relieve soreness. Optional attachments with small holes at different distances allow you to capture a small amount of hairs so that it is not so painful in particularly sensitive areas, such as bikini or armpits. Another method of pain relief used by manufacturers is a light breeze, a fan effect.

Step 5

Some models of epilators are equipped with shaving attachments for women who do not dare to apply epilation on sensitive areas and prefer to shave there. The trimmer attachments allow you to pre-shorten hairs that are too long, so that later their removal is more painless. And the exfoliating attachments exfoliate the top layer of skin to loosen ingrown hairs.

Step 6

Some epilators are powered by the mains, while others are powered by batteries or rechargeable batteries. The latter are convenient to use in field conditions and where an electrical outlet is not available.

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