What Are The Superstitions About The Funeral

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What Are The Superstitions About The Funeral
What Are The Superstitions About The Funeral

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Unfortunately, the funeral of family and friends is an inevitable reality. Death at all times and among all peoples was surrounded by a kind of aura of mystery. Perhaps that is why the funeral rite is one of the few rituals surrounded by a large number of certain signs and superstitions.

Signs and superstitions at funerals have always been and are observed to this day
Signs and superstitions at funerals have always been and are observed to this day


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Signs and superstitions in the house of the deceased and at the funeral have already turned into legends, and some of them even into mandatory rules. For example, even before the funeral in the house where the person died, it is necessary to curtain all the existing mirrors. According to superstition, if you do not curtain the mirrors, then the soul of the deceased can be lost in them, remaining there to live forever. Moreover, it is believed that she will constantly frighten all the inhabitants of this house, since she will not be able to leave this dimension and this world. There is another explanation for this superstition: if the deceased is reflected in the mirrors, then the so-called "doubling" will occur: the soul of the deceased will take with it one of his relatives or friends.

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According to one of the funeral signs, the eyes of a deceased person must be closed. In the early days, this was done with copper coins; today, modern large coins are used for this. There is still a superstition that if the deceased lies in a coffin with his eyes open, then one of the people standing next to him will soon die, since the deceased is "looking out" for a "companion" in the other world.

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Another sign says that it is necessary to put several coins, a comb and a handkerchief in the coffin. Since ancient times, people believed that such a set would help the soul of the deceased to overcome the long way to heaven: it would be able to pay for the journey and appear before the Lord in a well-groomed and decent form. There is another strange superstition according to which photographs of living people cannot be placed in the coffin of the deceased, since their lives are shortened. This superstition is, indeed, strange, since hardly anyone will have the desire to bury their own photograph in the grave.

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It is believed that many of the signs and superstitions performed at the funeral are aimed at protecting the relatives and friends of the deceased from damage that can be directed at them by bad people with the help of funeral props. One of the funeral superstitions says that the hands and feet of the deceased, already in the coffin, must be tied with ropes. The fact is that in this way before (and now) the living did not allow the dead to rise from the grave and walk on the ground, frightening people. With the help of these very ropes, witches and sorcerers bring damage to death. Care must be taken to ensure that the ropes are not stolen by them.

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Here are a few more signs and superstitions at a funeral. The relatives and friends of the deceased cannot carry the coffin and the lid of the coffin, as this can lead to a series of deaths. You cannot cross the road along which the funeral procession is passing - you may soon die or become seriously ill. Rain during the funeral is a good sign. It is believed that the soul of the deceased went to heaven, repose and peace await her. In no case should you bring flowers and other items from the cemetery into the house - this is a new grief. After returning home from the funeral, you need to rinse your hands well.

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