How To Set The Table For 9 And 40 Days Funeral

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How To Set The Table For 9 And 40 Days Funeral
How To Set The Table For 9 And 40 Days Funeral

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The memorial meal on the 9th day after death is traditionally held by the relatives of the deceased in the house of the deceased. Commemoration on the 40th day is considered mandatory. The memorial table for 40 days is prepared most carefully. Traditional dishes for commemoration are placed on the table, which may differ slightly in different regions, but the main set is unchanged - kutia, pancakes with honey or pies, snacks, including the obligatory boiled egg. For the first - meat with a side dish and compote.

Memorial table
Memorial table

Memorial dinner traditions on days 9 and 40

The main thing on memorial days is to pray for the deceased. It is necessary to light candles for the repose of the soul of the newly departed and before the beginning of the morning service, submit a note with the name of the deceased in the nearest church. A candle or a lamp is lit at home. A glass of water and a piece of bread are placed next to it. It is better to crumble the bread later to the birds.

They are not invited to the commemoration. The relatives, friends and colleagues of the deceased come. The commemoration is held at lunchtime, but if people cannot come at lunchtime, they are postponed to the evening. You can choose and prepare several dishes for the commemoration. If, after the funeral, significant financial difficulties are felt, on the ninth day you can cook kutya, pancakes, compote, distribute alms, children - sweets and cookies.

A memorial dinner on the fortieth day is considered the most important and obligatory. It is important on this day to pray for the deceased to all friends and relatives. Book a memorial prayer for this day. Give alms to beggars, candy and cookies to children. It is not customary to invite to the commemoration, but if many people are expected, and the commemoration will be held outside the home, inform relatives, colleagues, friends about the time and place of the memorial dinner.

Traditional dishes of the memorial dinner

All commemoration begins with a prayer. Everyone who comes should taste three spoons of kutya. Kutia is cooked from whole grains (rice or wheat) with the addition of honey and raisins. Orthodox canons against alcohol. However, it is most often offered. This can be cognac, vodka and sweet wines, for example, Cahors.

Further snacks are offered. It can be cold cuts, vegetables and salads, pickles. Half a boiled egg must be served. Served fish fried or boiled with sauce, herring. Fried liver or cutlets are often offered. You can also serve meat salad.

First courses - borsch, beetroot or homemade noodles in chicken broth. For the second, goulash or roast with a side dish is served. As a side dish, you can choose mashed potatoes, buckwheat porridge. Pilaf can be ordered. Traditionally, pancakes with honey are served at the commemoration. Kissel can be replaced with compote.

When the commemoration falls on fasting, it is better to follow traditions and make a menu of lenten dishes. Kutia is served unchanged, traditional from wheat or rice with honey and raisins. Choose cold fish appetizers, fish salad, herring, sprats. Fish pies are appropriate. From salads - vinaigrette, mushroom salads. Any pickles or fresh vegetable salads.

For the first - lean borscht, soup from beans, lentils, mushroom. For the second, you can serve potatoes or noodles with mushrooms, stewed potatoes with mushrooms, vegetable pilaf. The prototype of meat cutlets will be cabbage or carrot cutlets, potato zrazy with mushrooms. Lean pancakes or lean buns. Kissel or compote.

Most importantly, do not forget the essence of the commemoration. They are held to strengthen the strength to pray for the deceased.

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