How To Call The Police

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How To Call The Police
How To Call The Police

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If you need urgent help from law enforcement, call the police. This can be done from both a landline and a cell phone using one of the appropriate numbers.

How to call the police
How to call the police


Step 1

You can call the police from a landline phone in any city of the Russian Federation at 02. Please note that in some localities that have switched to digital PBXs, the number 102 is used.

Step 2

Try to call the police using a GSM cell phone at 112. You can make this call from a SIM card of all operators, even if it is blocked or has a negative balance. Some modern phone models allow making emergency calls even without a card.

Step 3

Please note that while roaming, you can use alternative numbers depending on the country. For example, in Ukraine, calling the police is 102, in Belarus - 101, in the USA and Canada - 911, in Australia - 000, and in Israel - 106. Make sure that the phone has enough battery power to make a call, inform the police all the necessary details.

Step 4

While in the CIS countries, you can try to call the police on numbers 02 or 102 from your cell phone. Some devices do not support two-digit dialing. In this case, you can dial combinations of numbers 02 *, 002 or 020. Some cellular operators allow you to send SMS messages to 112.

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