How To Grow A Seedling

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How To Grow A Seedling
How To Grow A Seedling

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Along with indoor plants, you can grow not only seedlings of garden crops, but also shoots of trees and shrubs. Under your caring hands, they will get stronger and grow better in natural conditions.

How to grow a seedling
How to grow a seedling

It is necessary

  • - seeds or annual seedlings;
  • - pots;
  • - complex mineral fertilizers;
  • - soil.


Step 1

If you decide to grow a tree or shrub sapling, do not forget that tree species have seasonal development cycles: they wake up, develop, gain strength in spring and summer and prepare for rest, “fall asleep” in autumn and winter.

Step 2

Try not to disturb the seasonal rhythm of the tree's life, because this inevitably leads to disruption of its development and even death. The stages of development of a seedling at home should coincide with its development phases in natural conditions.

Step 3

If you plant, for example, a seedling will flaunt in a pot, which can be transplanted into open ground, without fear that it will not withstand the winter cold.

Step 4

To grow a seedling at home, use seeds or annual seedlings, which often grow under mature trees. It is interesting that seedlings take root better at home. Appropriate human care and attention helps the seedling gain strength and subsequently promotes the growth of a strong and healthy tree. In the first days after replanting the shoot, do not forget to water it and do not expose it to direct sunlight.

Step 5

Note that trees and shrubs will need more light than most houseplants. If your windows face north or are shaded for most of the day, it will be difficult to grow strong, sturdy seedlings without additional lighting. Even for maple or linden, which are particularly shade-tolerant, lack of lighting can become fatal.

Step 6

Provide the seedling with a separate container and sufficient soil. Here, follow the general rule: the more land, the better the shoot develops. For growing annual seedlings of coniferous trees, use pots with a capacity of 150-200 ml, for deciduous ones, excluding oak - 500-700 ml. An oak shoot needs more space - from 700 to 1000 ml.

Step 7

Find the soil for your ward. You can use almost any potting soil mixture for growing flowers and seedlings, preferring loose, light and breathable peat-based soils.

Step 8

Monitor the soil moisture and regularly feed your seedlings with complex mineral fertilizers for home seedlings, which can be purchased at any specialized store. Pay attention to the instructions for use.

Step 9

With the onset of September, prepare your pets for outdoor landings. While it is not cold, expose the pots to the air for a while, tempering and preparing them in this way for winter. Then transplant. Trees planted taking into account seasonal changes will quickly "remember" their natural environment and in winter, under the snow, they will better endure the cold.

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