How Cucumbers Got To Russia

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How Cucumbers Got To Russia
How Cucumbers Got To Russia

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Today, the food ration of any inhabitant of Russia cannot be imagined without such widespread vegetables as potatoes, tomatoes and cucumbers. It may seem that they have always been grown on Russian soil - since the formation of Kievan Rus - and, perhaps, even earlier. In fact, they all came to our country at different times and from different countries. And the first of them to get to Russia were cucumbers.

How cucumbers got to Russia
How cucumbers got to Russia

From the history of cucumbers

Cucumber is native to the tropical and subtropical regions of India and China. By the way, the cucumber is still present there as a wild plant. Interestingly, cucumbers are mentioned in the Bible, this time as Egyptian vegetables.

Cucumbers appeared in Europe thanks to the British who brought them from the West Indies. In addition, the British invented the so-called "cucumber glass" - a glass tube that was used to grow cucumbers in a flawlessly regular shape. The inventor of the "cucumber glass" is considered to be a very serious person - the creator of the steam locomotive, George Stephenson.

Cucumbers in Russia

Byzantine merchants brought cucumbers to Russia in the 15th century. In the 16th century, cucumbers have already gained such widespread popularity that mentions of them appeared in Domostroy. In the herbalists of the 17th century, they began to write about the cucumber as a plant with medicinal properties.

Even Peter I had a special vegetable garden where cucumbers, watermelons and melons were grown. In the same period, the so-called "black" stew became one of the most beloved Russian dishes. It was prepared from meat boiled in cucumber brine with the addition of spices.

One more mention of cucumbers can be found on the pages of the 17th century medical book, which was called "Cool Wind City". In it, in particular, advice was given to drink a decoction of cucumbers instead of water, since it is able to quench any thirst.

An unusual holiday was invented by the inhabitants of the ancient Russian city of Suzdal. Thanks to them, the International Cucumber Day began to be celebrated on July 27. On this day, numerous cucumber lovers and those who simply want to have fun come to Suzdal. And of course, the main heroes of the holiday are the cucumbers themselves - of different colors, shapes and sizes, fresh and pickled, salted and lightly salted.

Monuments to the cucumber

In 2007, in the homeland of Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, a grand opening of a monument to a cucumber took place. Also, a monument to the "Cucumber-breadwinner" is erected in the city of Lukhovitsy, Moscow region, and in the Ukrainian city of Nizhyn, there is a monument to the famous Nizhyn cucumber.

Coming from warm countries, cucumber quickly became one of the most beloved and popular vegetables in Russia. Pickled cucumbers and delicious pickle have long been considered national Russian dishes. It is difficult to imagine that our distant ancestors lived without even knowing about the existence of such delicious and healthy cucumbers.

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