What Are The Beneficial Elements Contained In Eggshell

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What Are The Beneficial Elements Contained In Eggshell
What Are The Beneficial Elements Contained In Eggshell

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Eggshells have been used for a long time in agriculture, everyday life and folk medicine. Crushed shells are an excellent and affordable fertilizer, this product increases the egg production of chickens and even helps to bleach clothes during washing. But the most common use of chicken eggshells in the treatment of calcium deficiency.

What are the beneficial elements contained in eggshell
What are the beneficial elements contained in eggshell

Useful substances that make up the eggshell

The shells of chicken, goose, duck eggs and eggs of other birds, including wild ones, contain a large amount of calcium carbonate. This substance is absorbed more easily than conventional calcium preparations. Therefore, crushed eggshells, consumed internally, are able to compensate for the calcium deficiency.

In terms of its composition, the shell of eggs is similar to the composition of teeth and bones, this gift of nature is indispensable in cases when a person cannot get enough calcium from food. Lack of calcium in the body can lead to serious diseases - curvature of the spine, rickets of newborns, osteoporosis. Consuming calcium carbonate can help to cope with anemia. Violation of calcium metabolism is fraught with frequent colds, the occurrence of herpes, allergies.

In addition to calcium carbonate, the eggshell contains 27 trace elements necessary for the normal functioning of the body. These are copper, zinc, silicon, phosphorus, iron, manganese and other substances. The shell helps to stimulate the process of hematopoiesis, which is especially important in conditions of radiation damage.

How to apply egg shells

In ancient times, doctors advised eating raw eggs whole, along with the shells, in order to provide the body with all the necessary trace elements. But you can use crushed eggshells, after consulting your doctor. To obtain a calcium-rich preparation, the dried, washed shell is ground in a mortar. The powder can be added to cottage cheese, porridge or eaten separately. The dosage per day is 1.5-3 g, depending on age.

Traditionally, hen's egg shells are used in folk medicine because they are free of side effects, including bacterial contamination. And, for example, duck shells are often infected, which makes them unsuitable for eliminating calcium deficiency. To eliminate possible problems, it is advisable to hold the shell in boiling water for five minutes before crushing.

You can use eggshells to prevent calcium deficiency from one year old. The shell is especially valuable in the nutrition of babies no older than five years old, when bone tissue is formed. It is worth taking egg shells during pregnancy, in old age to prevent diseases of the spine, teeth, osteoporosis. Eggshell powder should be used in courses for 15-20 days, once a day.

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