How To Grow A Plum From A Stone

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How To Grow A Plum From A Stone
How To Grow A Plum From A Stone

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Plum can be grown not only from seedlings, but also from seeds. For this, the seeds of the fruits of the Ussuri, Chinese, Canadian and Far Eastern plums are used. Other varieties may sprout, but the tree will not bear fruit, or the fruit will grow very small.

How to grow a plum from a stone
How to grow a plum from a stone

It is necessary

  • - sand;
  • - nutritious soil mixture;
  • - pots;
  • - boxes.


Step 1

The stone at the plum is very dense and if you just plant it in the ground and water it, the seedlings will not appear. Therefore, place the seeds in a damp cloth or sand for two weeks before planting.

Step 2

Prepare a breeding ground. You can also plant it in open ground in the fall, but at the same time there is a high probability that you will not find bones in the spring - they will be destroyed by rodents. Therefore, plant in a nutrient mixture using pots or boxes.

Step 3

Keep the soil moist until emergence. The sprouts will appear in 40-45 days. The temperature for germination should be maintained at 23 degrees, air humidity 60-65%.

Step 4

After three months, plant the seedlings in separate pots. To prevent the wild from growing out of the plum, you will have to transplant at least 5-7 times during the first year.

Step 5

Plant the grown seedlings in open ground 1 year after germination. The distance between landings should be 1x2 meters. Plant 5-6 plants in one row for good pollination.

Step 6

Before planting in open ground, prepare the holes, fill them with compost, humus, add one bucket of sand. The plant must be handled with a lump of earth so that the root system is not damaged. Compact the earth, put pegs, tie the young plum with twine. There is no additional need to fertilize the plants if you have prepared and filled the planting holes well.

Step 7

The optimal time for transplanting into open ground is early spring or autumn, when the air temperature contributes to optimal survival. Care consists in loosening, weeding, timely watering. The crown can not be formed, this will allow you to get a more bountiful harvest.

Step 8

You will get your first harvest in the fifth or sixth year. The fruits will be quite small, but as you grow, you will receive larger fruits each year.

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