What Is The Highest Mountain In The World

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What Is The Highest Mountain In The World
What Is The Highest Mountain In The World

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The surface of the planet Earth is replete with mountain ranges. Mountains are found on almost all continents. Of all mountain systems, the attention of climbers and explorers is still attracted by the Himalayas. These Asian mountains stretch for almost two and a half thousand kilometers. It is here that the highest peak in the world is located - Mount Everest.

What is the highest mountain in the world
What is the highest mountain in the world

The pearl of the Himalayas

Everest rises majestically among the Himalayan snows to a height of 8848 meters. The mountain is often figuratively called the high-altitude pole of the planet. Geographically, Everest is located on the border of China and Nepal, but the peak itself belongs to the Chinese territory, crowning the main ridge of the Himalayas.

Another name for the peak is Chomolungma, which in translation from Tibetan means literally "Divine Mother of Life". The Nepalese call the summit the "Mother of the Gods". The name "Everest" was proposed in the middle of the 19th century to immortalize the name of the head of the survey of British India, George Everest.

It was Everest that published its peak measurements, after which Chomolungma was recognized as the highest peak on the planet.

The area where Everest is located is one of the few places on the planet that has not been spoiled by civilization. The route leading to the summit is considered one of the most interesting and exciting in the world. To get a good view of the summit of Everest, you need to cover a considerable distance. But those who follow this path will be rewarded with the view that opens before them.

Everest - for the strong in spirit

In appearance, Chomolungma resembles a pyramid with a slightly steeper southern slope. Glaciers spread from the high mountain range in all directions, which break off at an altitude of about 5000 meters. The steep southern slope is unable to keep ice and snow on itself, so it is exposed. Ice-free and the ribs of the mountain pyramid.

People tried to conquer the highest peak in the world for several decades. But only at the end of May 1953, two brave members of the next expedition made the first successful ascent of Everest. Since then, many daredevils have visited the summit, although not every ascent was successful. The reasons for this are low temperatures, lack of oxygen and gusty winds that knock climbers off their feet.

You can get to the top only after a few stops.

Over the past half century, more than two thousand climbers from all over the world have visited Chomolungma. The history of such ascents is full of tragic events: more than a dozen people died from frostbite, lack of oxygen and heart failure. Alas, even professional mountaineering training and modern equipment cannot guarantee success in such a dangerous enterprise as the conquest of Everest. A proud and majestic peak does not forgive mistakes and weakness.

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