What Signs Of The Zodiac Are Suitable For Sagittarius

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What Signs Of The Zodiac Are Suitable For Sagittarius
What Signs Of The Zodiac Are Suitable For Sagittarius

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People born under the sign of Sagittarius are very attractive and energetic. They are ready for any difficulties, treat life with irony and never lose hope.


Partner selection

Gemini is the complete astrological opposite of Sagittarius. This is why the relationship between these zodiac signs can be especially passionate. In such a novel, everything depends on the mood of the partners and luck, since a lot of things must develop in a certain way for such an alliance to be lasting. Usually, the romances between Sagittarius and Gemini are very bright, but short.

There is always a lot of passion in a relationship between two Sagittarius, so they can be very intense, intense, but not always lasting. However, if you reinforce the constant shake-up of feelings and emotions with mutual respect, the resulting mixture can be an excellent foundation for a lasting marriage. The strongest relationships develop between Sagittarius at a fairly respectable age, when representatives of this zodiac sign have already learned how to control themselves in critical situations.

If we talk about more stable alliances, Leo can be the ideal partner for Sagittarius. The relationship between these zodiac signs is very free and open. Leo perfectly knows how to influence the feelings of Sagittarius, but he does it gently and carefully, respecting the personal space and psyche of his partner. Sagittarius and Leo complement each other in all areas of life. Both signs love adventure, which allows them to easily cope with emerging problems, they respect each other and enjoy the time spent together, moreover, these zodiac signs have perfect sexual compatibility. All this makes the relationship between them perfect, and the marriage strong.

Problematic options

The relationship between Sagittarius and Taurus can be very strong. The problem is that Taurus in such an alliance seeks to take the place of the leader, and Sagittarius does not want to yield him. The ability to negotiate and come to a compromise can make such a marriage very durable, the lack of this skill will quickly lead to failure. The adventurous Sagittarius can irritate a stay-at-home partner, but can also "give him acceleration", charge him with new desires and aspirations. This also depends on the ability of specific people to negotiate and listen to each other.

The least promising relationship can be considered the relationship between Sagittarius and Cancer. These zodiac signs are too different. Sagittarius want adventure, stability, new sensations, while Cancers prefer stability and comfort. Overly sensitive Cancers often suffer from excessive frankness and directness of Sagittarius. There is too much misunderstanding and tension in such a relationship. Good sexual compatibility can partially smooth out the unevenness of such a union, but it will not solve the problems. Sagittarius and Cancer are more likely to be good friends than spouses.

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