How To Root Aloe

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How To Root Aloe
How To Root Aloe

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This wonderful plant is found in almost every home. Children love to turn it into an analogue of a Christmas tree, hanging it with toys and rain, and mothers and grandmothers actively use the juice of its leaves to prepare a variety of masks and lotions for the face, body and hair. Aloe is a great thing. If you brought a twig of this plant from friends or are just going to update the one that grows on your own windowsill, read this instruction.

How to root aloe
How to root aloe

It is necessary

Aloe sprout, water, rooting jar


Step 1

If you have a large plant at your disposal that simply needs to be transplanted into another pot or rejuvenated by pruning and rooting, everything is very simple here. You need to cut off the very top of the flower. Your shoot must contain a rosette top and a stem. Fleshy leaves of aloe can only be rooted by a specialist in the laboratory, but you can easily carry out pruning in this way. You can discard the old plant, which now has only one base. If you do not do this, but continue to water it, over time, young leaves will reappear from the ground.

Step 2

So, you have a cut off aloe sprout in your hands. It doesn't matter if you got it from friends or you got it yourself by cutting your own plant. Now it needs to be rooted. If the shoot is long enough, remove some of the lower leaves and place it in the water on a window. You do not need to tear anything from a short shoot, as this will deprive him of his strength, just pick up a vessel for the baby in which he can stand in the water for a long time.

Step 3

Now you should be patient, since the roots of aloe can take a long time to give. In a good scenario, they appear in 2-3 weeks, and if it's winter outside, it's cloudy, or your aloe just doesn't like something, the process of growing the root system can be significantly delayed. Nothing wrong with that. Just add water to the container as it dries and wait until strong, fibrous roots form in it. Only then can your shoot be transplanted into a pot of soil.

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