How To Make A Frame

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How To Make A Frame
How To Make A Frame
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A mirror is a mysterious and mystical object, the more interesting it is to make a frame specifically for a mirror in order to fill it with your individuality and warmth of the soul. Have patience and the necessary materials and get to work!

How to make a frame
How to make a frame

It is necessary

Rimless mirror, 1mm diameter galvanized wire, thin wire, frosted triangular glass beads, long colored glass beads, ruler, wire cutters, round nose pliers, pliers


Step 1

Use a wire cutter to cut a piece of wire slightly longer than the perimeter of the mirror. String triangular beads on this wire so that they rotate freely. You will need this distance between the beads later when you place the following elements between them. Using round-nose pliers on both ends of the wire, make a small loop, hook the loops together and squeeze with pliers for a strong connection. The diameter of the outer circle is obtained by adding the length of two long beads to the diameter of the inner circle. String the triangular beads onto the wire of the outer circumference of the mirror frame and also fasten the ends of the wire with loops.

Step 2

Using round nose pliers and pliers, make 12 double flat spirals - the loop on the end of the wire made with round nose pliers, clamp with pliers and squeeze the wire around the loop until you get the desired size. Clamp the center of the double helix with round-nose pliers and form the same shape as shown in the photo. Place the long beads, fixed on separate pieces of thin wire, in the middle of the double helix shape. Using the ends of a thin wire sticking out of long beads, fasten the structures to the outer and inner circles.

Step 3

Spread the spiral and bead structures evenly between the circles, where necessary, further strengthening the connection with a thin wire. Place the mirror on the back of the finished frame, make a triangular holder from copper wire on top of the mirror at the back, attaching it to long beads at regular intervals. Form a loop to hang the framed mirror on the wall. Thus, you can make not only a frame for a mirror, but also a frame for a photograph or a small picture. Exclusive souvenirs are made from wire, which are not a shame to present to relatives and friends.

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