Witchcraft Green Eyes: Character Or Superstition

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Witchcraft Green Eyes: Character Or Superstition
Witchcraft Green Eyes: Character Or Superstition
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“My misfortune has green eyes, they won't forgive, they won't spare. Trouble has green eyes, unrelenting eyes,”- is sung in one old lyric song. The poet who wrote these lines may have felt for himself that if the girl's eyes are green, then the nature of the relationship between the characters cannot be simple.

Witchcraft green eyes: character or superstition
Witchcraft green eyes: character or superstition

What is the magic of the green-eyed gaze? In its strength and depth: the spectacular shell of the eyes, filled with rare melanin, seems to penetrate through and through, and the energy attracts and bewitches. It is not for nothing that people with green eyes are considered natural hypnotists.

Middle Ages

There are three historical areas on earth, where the resettlement of people with the gene for green eyes came from.

The first is the ancient East. Especially the state of Urartu and the Khiva Khanate. From here the gene spread among the peoples of the Caucasus. At present, in its original form, it is preserved to a greater extent among the Chechens, since they have always tried to avoid mixed marriages with other nations, and among the Armenians living in high-mountainous villages.

In second place is the territory of modern Poland and Western Ukraine, from where the gene was passed on to the Slavs, Germans and the Baltic peoples. However, its spread was greatly weakened by the Catholic Church during the Inquisition.

In the Middle Ages, the owners - and especially the owners - of green eyes were almost all doomed to torture and a fire. Their owners might not even have red hair, which the Inquisition disliked as well. In those cruel times, for any Jesuit, the presence of green eyes was indisputable proof of witchcraft.

Who knows, maybe the Jesuits weren't so wrong? After all, as a rule, green eyes, like cats, in which, according to legend, they turn into a full moon and special witch days, can bewitch to themselves without love spells and potions - with just one glance.

Often unstable males, whoever they are, even the Pope himself, are ready to rush into such eyes like a whirlpool headlong. However, what is already here - women's hearts are also not a stone: the gaze of a green-eyed man can deprive many of their stamina and will to resist.

It is characteristic that according to medieval beliefs it was believed that someone, and the owners of green eyes, could not jinx. However, if they curse, then it is their curse that has a special power of influence on the whole family up to the seventh generation. That is why, when they sent green-eyed witches to the fire of raw firewood, they often had a tow gag in their mouths.

The third center of gene distribution is located in Russia - in Transbaikalia. And also in northern Mongolia. The original inhabitants of these lands still have blue, green and yellow-green eyes. By the way, the great conqueror Genghis Khan, according to his contemporaries, "had cat's eyes" that changed color from blue to dark green. That is why his family was called "Borjigin", which means green-eyed.

Character and modernity

Centuries have passed, the medieval Inquisition did its dirty deed, and now it is not at all easy to meet the owners of green eyes on the European territory of the globe. And yet they do meet. And when they meet, this is where you have to wait for a catch. The fact is that, by nature, green-eyed people are extremely creative people. And not just creative, but unpredictably creative and persistent, always getting their way.

For example, among the street artists who are fundamentally hiding from the general public and known only in their narrow circle of street artists, as well as among roofers, - people who are risky and artistically gifted - there are many personalities with a green-eyed view of the world.

These people strive for fame and popularity: movie and show business stars. And fate seems to reward them for something that is known only to the higher powers.

Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie, Rihanna and Evangeline Lily, Tilda Swinton and Catherine Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge, John Hamm and Clive Owen, Bruce Willis and Joaquin Phoenix - they are all people with difficult characters: purposeful, unpredictable, unpredictable seductive and magically beautiful.

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