How To Get A BTI Plan

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How To Get A BTI Plan
How To Get A BTI Plan

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Registration of an apartment plan at the Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI) is necessary in various situations - when selling an apartment, when exchanging it, for registering redevelopment and in a number of other situations. Knowing the algorithm of actions, the owner or the responsible tenant can draw up such a plan with minimal time and financial costs. So how do you do this?

How to get a BTI plan
How to get a BTI plan

It is necessary

  • - passport;
  • - money to pay the fee for paperwork.


Step 1

Find the address and telephone number of the Bureau of Technical Inventory in your city. In large cities, for example, in Moscow, there may be several of them. In this case, contact the BTI of the area where your housing is located. You can find the addresses of the BTI using an Internet search or find out at a real estate agency if you are selling an apartment.

Step 2

Call the office you found and check with them the opening hours for accepting applications for an apartment plan. If possible in your BTI, sign up for the submission of documents by phone.

Step 3

If a telephone appointment is not possible, come to the office of the organization in person. Come some time before the start of work in order to have time to take the queue. A large number of visitors is a frequent occurrence for BTI.

Step 4

Apply for a living space plan. To do this, fill out an application that a bureau employee will give you, you must also have your passport with you and, in case of redevelopment of your apartment, a draft of the upcoming changes. For housing located in Moscow, you will also need to show permission from the head of the district council for redevelopment.

Step 5

Pay the cost of the service according to the receipt issued by the BTI employee. Depending on the city, this can be done either in the building of the BTI itself at the cash desk, or in any bank. After payment, you will receive a paper indicating the date and time of the commission's visit to your home.

Step 6

On the day indicated in the documents, stay at home and provide unhindered access for BTI employees to your home.

Step 7

After inspecting your premises, check with the staff when the plan is ready. On this day, come to the BTI with a passport and pick up your plan with the appropriate window for issuing ready-made documents.

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