What Is The Widest Street In The World

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What Is The Widest Street In The World
What Is The Widest Street In The World

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There are many streets in the world - long and short, straight and winding, winding and steep. In different parts of the world you can find the most unusual and original streets, about which local residents can tell many interesting facts and mysterious legends.

Avenida 9 de Julio, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Avenida 9 de Julio, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentine heritage

One of the widest streets in the world is the Argentine street on July 9 (9 de Julio Avenue) in Buenos Aires, which got its name in honor of Argentina's Independence Day. It occupies an entire 140-meter block in width and has six lanes in both directions. July 9th Street appeared after two parallel blocks merged with each other.

To cross this street, you need to go through at least three traffic lights, which usually takes at least five minutes.

The construction of July 9 Avenue was planned back in 1888, but it did not come down to it until 1937, and it was completed in 1960. Today, the street runs through the city, running from north to south, and abuts the airports on both sides. The city metro line runs under it, and the street itself encircles the city center in a circular motion. The city administration plans to move it underground in the future, leaving one green walking area upstairs.

The widest street in the world

However, the honorary title of the widest street in the world is officially awarded to the Brazilian street Monumental Val, the width of which in different places ranges from two hundred and fifty to four hundred and thirty meters. This street is the central avenue of the capital of Brazil and connects the Plaza of the Three Powers and the Municipal Square. Monumental Val houses the buildings of various ministries, the National State Congress, as well as Brazilian memorials and monuments.

According to the urban legend, this street can be driven by one hundred cars at the same time, traveling side by side, but it serves only to attract a large number of tourists.

The rectangular Monumental Val is a huge square with one-way eight-lane roads on the sides, which are divided in the middle by a wide green lawn. Along the entire width and length of the street, only two traffic lights work, so traffic controllers have to manage the flow of thousands of vehicles, of which there are only a few on Monumental Val in the entire territory.

Several thousand cars pass along the street every day, and there are historical buildings and government offices along the avenue. Also, the width of the Brazilian Monumental Val is added by numerous green spaces, which are located between the asphalted roadways of the street.

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