Why Do They Say "bread Is The Head Of Everything"

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Why Do They Say "bread Is The Head Of Everything"
Why Do They Say "bread Is The Head Of Everything"

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The importance of bread in the life of a person, especially a Russian person, is difficult to overestimate. He helped to survive in the Middle Ages and during the wars of the last century. Therefore, there are many songs about bread, as well as about wheat, it appears in proverbs and sayings. And the most famous folk wisdom "bread is the head of everything" can be interpreted in different ways, but in any case emphasizes the importance of this product.

Why do they say
Why do they say


Step 1

Etymological interpretation

In Russian, as in many Slavic languages, the words "head" and "chief" have a common origin, it is not for nothing that the oldest member of the family is called the "head" - he is honored and respected. Therefore, if we start from the etymology, then the Russian proverb acquires a slightly different interpretation: bread is more important, more important than everything else on the table. Indeed, the Slavic peoples honored this product, not a single meal could take place without it. In the harsh Russian winter, the calorie content of food is especially important, therefore, any dishes, including cereals, must be eaten with bread, so it is more satisfying.

Step 2

Dietary interpretation

Bread made from quality grain contains a large amount of nutrients and vitamins that a person needs. It is interesting that even in a callous form, he retains them in almost the same amount. That is why, in conditions of prolonged hunger, with only one bread or rusks, a person can live until the next harvest.

There is another proverb on this topic: "Better bread with water than pie with trouble." In such years, money lost its meaning; grain was a kind of measure that determined the value of everything else. In addition, having created favorable conditions, it can easily be stored for quite a long time.

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Geopolitical interpretation

In the Middle Ages, the overwhelming number of wars, especially internecine ones, took place not because of natural resources, but precisely because of the fertile land on which crops can be grown, including rye and wheat. Therefore, in order to starve out the village, the sown fields were often set on fire, and the starving people were forced to surrender the fortifications. So we can say that bread was, if not the cause, then the way to achieve victory in a war or raid.

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