How To Shoot A Burst From The "Saiga"

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How To Shoot A Burst From The "Saiga"
How To Shoot A Burst From The "Saiga"

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The Bump Fire method, invented by the Americans, allows you to shoot from any semi-automatic weapon in bursts. At the same time, no alterations of weapons are required, there are no violations of the Russian law on weapons. This method is suitable for all models of Saiga carbines and self-loading carbines of other systems.

How to fire a burst of
How to fire a burst of


Step 1

To shoot from the "Saiga" in bursts using the Bump Fire technique, insert the thumb of your right hand into the trigger guard so that the nail of this finger is turned back (looking at the arrow). Then hook this finger onto an object. For example, for the strap of jeans, into which the trouser belt is inserted. Hold the weapon in the hip position.

Step 2

Grasp the Saiga's forend with your left hand. When holding the carabiner, try to constantly pull it forward by the forend. When you do this, your thumb caught on the strap will automatically pull the trigger. As a consequence, the first shot will be fired. Under the influence of the recoil from the shot and from the fact that you continue to pull the Saiga forward, all subsequent shots will occur. The length of the queue will be limited only by the size of the store.

Step 3

When performing the Bump Fire technique, pull the weapon forward as evenly and firmly as possible. To increase the accuracy of bursting, carefully control the direction of fire. Note that with this shooting technique, the right hand carries almost no load. Therefore, you will have to control the weapon only with your left hand. Warning: When using the Bump Fire, there is some chance of injury to your right thumb! Although there are no recorded cases yet.

Step 4

If you want to significantly increase the accuracy and accuracy of fire bursts from the "Saiga", perform Bump Fire in the "off the shoulder" position. Change the technique accordingly, but make sure that the fundamental points are fulfilled - pull the fore-end forward and pull the trigger with your attached thumb. Although the practical value of shooting with bursts from the shoulder is very low, since there is still no possibility of aimed shooting.

Step 5

Avoid a very common newbie mistake - only pull the trigger the way described. If you press it with your index finger, the queue will not work. In addition, keep in mind that long bursts of fire from an unsuitable "Saiga" leads to overheating of the barrel and increased wear of the receiver frame.

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