Promotional Prize Draw - Deception Or Truth

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Promotional Prize Draw - Deception Or Truth
Promotional Prize Draw - Deception Or Truth

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Conducting promotions with prize draws is widespread in all countries of the world. It is beneficial for everyone - both producers and consumers. The former thus provide an increase in sales, while the latter, having bought a specific product, have the opportunity to win some valuable prize. But many of the consumers openly do not trust the organizers of such actions.

Rush demand is a manufacturer's dream
Rush demand is a manufacturer's dream

Many people mistrust the organizers of promotional prizes. And yet even the biggest skeptics often get involved. “Of course, the director of the company has already won a free ticket for two to France, but we may get some of the little things,” they argue.

Honest deception

And this, of course, would be true, but only on one condition. If the owner of the company, which is restraining this prize drawing, would only think about personal immediate benefit, and not dream of making millions.

That is why he conducts such actions, trying to attract all the attention of consumers to his products. Moreover, he does this absolutely legally and has much greater benefit from such events than the cost of all the prizes being raffled together. It is in his interest to do everything so that the rally is fair.

In fact, like any lottery, this is a kind of “honest deception”. Honest - because the principle is: “if you don’t want, don’t participate”. And the deception is due to the fact that the organizers know in advance that the majority will not win anything.

As for violations of the rules for holding such rallies, theoretically they are not excluded.

But it is necessary to take into account the fact that such advertising events are strictly controlled by the state. The lists of the winners are published in the newspapers. And even there is a special sheet for a report to the tax office, in which passport data is entered and the signatures of all recipients of prizes are present.

In addition, the organizers of these actions themselves have strict internal control.

Provocation of mistrust

Sometimes the organizers of promotional prizes themselves create all the conditions for them to be suspected of dishonesty. For example, a large brewery recently held a prize-winning campaign. According to its conditions, it was necessary to collect a seven-letter word from the letters on the back of the caps of beer bottles.One million caps with six letters of the prize word and one thousand, according to the number of prizes, with one were made. It would seem that everything is correct, everything is fair. But the protesters reacted to it in a completely different way.

At first, they were very happy that they quickly assembled the right word. But then they became sad. The seventh letter did not come across to them in any way. But the strangest thing was that this letter did not come across to any of their acquaintances, participants in the action. People began to suspect some kind of catch. And when, even a month later, allotted for the action, neither they themselves nor the people around them found the ill-fated letter, disappointment came. Everyone firmly decided that they were simply deceived.

No, there were certainly lucky ones. But they simply disappeared into a huge crowd of losers. As a result, the sharply rising beer sales during the stock then plummeted. The consumers who considered themselves deceived were very offended and went to competitors.

From all of the above, it follows that you can participate in prize and promotions. After all, people here don’t give their money for useless lottery tickets, but for real goods. Do not just get carried away and buy the advertised product in excessive quantities.

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