When Does The Sadovod Market Work In Moscow?

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When Does The Sadovod Market Work In Moscow?
When Does The Sadovod Market Work In Moscow?

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The Sadovod market is one of the most famous shopping malls in the SEAD in Moscow. There are several sub-complexes on its territory, where you can buy a variety of goods. The opening hours of the “Gardener” market differ depending on whether you make purchases in bulk or retail.

When does the Sadovod market work in Moscow?
When does the Sadovod market work in Moscow?

The work of the shopping center "Gardener"

For wholesalers, the Sadovod market opens at 5 am and works until 5 pm. This is the official opening time, in fact, it is better not to delay the visit, since at 16 many are already closed.

Retail trade operates on a different schedule. Outlets open at 9 am and close at 6 pm. Some of the retailers, just like the wholesalers, may close their tents at 5 pm without waiting for the official closing time.

The opening hours of some individual points in the Sadovod market may differ from the mode of the entire shopping complex as a whole.

The Sadovod market has no days off. If you still have questions, you can call the help desk, the operator will be able to answer all questions: +7 (495) 355-18-00

Where is the Sadovod market and how to get there

The shopping center "Sadovod" Lyublino is located in the South-Eastern District of Moscow, on the inner side of the Moscow Ring Road, at 14 km.

There are several ways to get to the market. From the Lyublino metro station there is a free bus that stops near the Moskva shopping center. There is a free bus from the Vykhino metro station. To find its stop, you need to turn in the metro in the direction of the carriages from the center, then go to the exit and turn right there. Going outside, you will see a stop, but there is no sign on it. If you have any doubts, it is better to ask passers-by or the drivers of other buses, where is the stop here at "Gardener". The ride is short, about 10-15 minutes, if there are no traffic jams.

Free buses run somewhat less frequently than paid ones.

There are also paid buses and minibuses. From the Kuzminki metro station there are bus 655 and minibus 347. In Vykhino you can take minibus 558. From the Lyublino station there are two minibuses, 27 and 118. From Bratislavskaya there are minibuses 410, 202, 520 and 529. From "Domodedovskaya" minibus 165 will suit you.

Those who want to get into the "Gardener" by their own car should remember that the territory of the complex can only be entered from the Moscow Ring Road. If you are driving from the north (inside the Moscow Ring Road), then you need an interchange at ul. Upper Fields, after it there will be a white house on which is written "Gardener", after which the market begins. You need to drive through part of the complex to get to the parking lot. Inside the market, be guided by the green arrows, they mean entry, and purple - exit. From the south, go in about the same way, also a junction to Upper Fields, after which you will come to the same white house with the sign "Gardener".

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