Where To Find Out The Results Of TV Bingo Kazakhstan

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Where To Find Out The Results Of TV Bingo Kazakhstan
Where To Find Out The Results Of TV Bingo Kazakhstan
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There are people who never stop believing in luck. It is believed that it is easier for them to live in the world around them, they are positive and happy. Regardless of whether you consider yourself to be such or not, you have probably bought a lottery ticket at least once. And after the purchase, the most important thing is to find out the results of the drawing. Suddenly, fortune is on your side today.


Lottery "TV Bingo Kazakhstan"

The lottery "TV Bingo Kazakhstan" appeared on national channels in the late nineties, more precisely on June 8, 1998, on that very day the first issue of this program aired on the "Khabar" TV channel. The lottery gained momentum very quickly, increasing its prize fund, and today it rightfully has the status of one of the most famous products in its niche.

The lottery is based on the familiar random number scheme. In addition to the main drawing of cash prizes, there is also the distribution of clothing gifts and incentive prizes.

Where to find the results

If you are the proud owner of a TV Bingo Kazakhstan lottery ticket, then you have several ways to track its status:

1. You need to become a participant in the filming of the lottery drawing program. To do this, of course, it is advisable for you to live in Almaty and be a person included in the circle of employees of a television company, to be a well-known person, then you will be invited to raise your rating or apply directly to the Khabar TV channel to apply for participation as a spectator. What if you're lucky?

2. There is an opportunity to watch the broadcast of the program live, for this it is necessary to clarify the time of the broadcast on the screen, then, sitting at home in a comfortable armchair, armed with a pencil and purchased tickets from "TV Bingo", you will literally test your luck on the subject within 40 minutes serving you.

3. A number of printed publications are engaged in reporting the results of the drawing to the readers. You can find out the results of the games held the day before in publications such as “What? Where? When? "," All at once "," Caravan "and others. This method of verification allows you to exclude the possibility of error, since all the data is in front of your eyes, and does not distract from the dynamism and colorfulness of the television broadcast.

4. You can also contact the lottery ticket sales points with a request to check the lottery ticket for winnings. This is the responsibility of distributors, in addition, they usually get results earlier than in print publications, and as much as possible correct, since they need to pay small winnings.

5. Internet resources and groups in social networks. On the official website of the National Lottery of the Republic of Kazakhstan http://kazlotto.com you can always find not only the results of the last draw, but also check tickets for any period. And in the group in the contact http://vk.com/club53680169 you can see the order of the numbers and find like-minded people.

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