How To Unscrew The Pedals

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How To Unscrew The Pedals
How To Unscrew The Pedals

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Sooner or later, every cyclist is faced with the need to unscrew the pedals of his "iron horse". Most often, this is required to replace the pedal if it fails. It is quite easy to perform this operation if the bike is relatively new. But what if the bike parts have already slightly rusty or even deformed?

How to unscrew the pedals
How to unscrew the pedals

It is necessary

  • - open end wrench;
  • - WD-40 liquid;
  • - kerosene;
  • - puller.


Step 1

To get started, try simply unscrewing the pedal with a suitable wrench. The size of the key may vary, it all depends on the design of the particular bike. The left pedal has a left-hand thread, so it should be unscrewed clockwise. Unscrew the right pedal counterclockwise. If the bike has been properly cared for, it should be easy to unscrew the pedals.

Step 2

Give up the thought of using brute force to remove the pedal. Tapping the connecting rod or the pedal itself with a hammer will usually not only not solve the problem, but may even make it worse. Inaccurate impacts on parts can deform the pedal or damage the threaded connection. It is also ineffective to try to heat the cranks with a hair dryer or soak the joint in boiling water.

Step 3

If the pedals do not unscrew freely enough, do not try to exert excessive force. Use kerosene or WD-40 special fluid as an aid. Apply liquid to the fastener and wait about 10-15 minutes. During this time, the agent will penetrate between the mating parts. Usually, after this treatment, the pedals can be easily unscrewed. If using kerosene, it may be necessary to leave the compound treated with it for several hours.

Step 4

Use an open-end wrench for easier unscrewing of the pedal, or even better - a special pedal wrench (puller). On one side of the puller there is a spanner for unscrewing the nuts, and on the other end there is the puller itself. First unscrew the nut as much as possible. Then screw the puller almost all the way in, taking great care not to damage the threads. Now move the key to the bolt and screw it in. If everything is done correctly, the connecting rod will be in your hands.

Step 5

After you have unscrewed the pedals, be sure to do a little maintenance work before installing new ones. In order to avoid problems with dismantling in the future, lubricate the mating parts of the joint with a thick grease.

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