Is It Possible For A Girl To Study To Be A Pilot

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Is It Possible For A Girl To Study To Be A Pilot
Is It Possible For A Girl To Study To Be A Pilot

Video: Is It Possible For A Girl To Study To Be A Pilot

Video: Is It Possible For A Girl To Study To Be A Pilot
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It is believed that a pilot is a man's profession. But there are girls who dream of being pilots of civil and even military aviation. It is possible to fulfill such a desire, although it is fraught with certain difficulties.

Sophie Blanchard - pilot of Etihad Airways
Sophie Blanchard - pilot of Etihad Airways

Female pilots in Russia and in the world

Girls, like guys, can enter flight schools and aviation universities. There are, however, educational institutions where the rules prohibit the admission of girls. There were cases when they filed a lawsuit and sought the abolition of such rules.

In Russia, there are female pilots in the civilian and even military (rarely) aviation sector. Women today can be seen at the helm of Russian airlines such as Aeroflot, UTair, Transaero and others.

Most female pilots are in the United States, and they also have the most opportunities there. There are also quite a few of them in the French Air Force.

In general, women make up about 5% of the total number of pilots. They are also found in some Islamic countries.

How can a girl learn to be a pilot

If you are at a young age and dream of flying, first you need to find out whether this is really your calling and whether your character and mindset corresponds to this profession. To do this, it is worth entering the flying club of your city, where you can learn to fly and test yourself, as well as start studying the theory of flying. Training in Russian flying clubs allows you to obtain an amateur pilot certificate after a person has flown a certain number of hours and passed the exam.

If you understand that airplanes are yours, then you should try to enter a civil or military aviation school (depending on your goals) or an aviation university. In the first case, you will have to unlearn for three years, in the second - five. For admission, you will need a certificate of complete secondary education or primary vocational education, medical certificate 086 / y, certificate of vaccinations, certificates from drug addiction and neuropsychiatric dispensaries, photos 3 * 4, as well as successful passing of the medical commission and professional psychological testing.

Since the profession of a pilot implies responsibility for the life of not only his own, but also of other people, he must have endurance, attentiveness, self-control and the ability to think soberly in a difficult situation, the ability to quickly make decisions, navigate in space, and high efficiency. And, of course, he must love his job so much that it compensates for all the difficulties and hardships associated with it. Sometimes the pilot has to spend many hours in the sky and lack sleep, and this should not affect the quality of aircraft control.

The pilot must be in excellent health, including good eyesight, physical and mental stamina. Therefore, everyone who wants to enter the appropriate educational institution must undergo a medical commission.

You should be prepared for the fact that in professions traditionally considered male, girls often have to prove their professionalism with more diligence than guys, even if they are really good at their chosen business. They often receive more attention and demand because of the prejudice existing in the society.

But if you are firmly convinced of your calling and are not afraid of difficulties, then you can certainly achieve your goal. But you should not go to the pilots just out of a desire to prove something to yourself or others, or because of romantic ideas about the profession.

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