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What Is Organza
What Is Organza

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There are a lot of beautiful fabrics. And only a few of them are able to boast not only of their unique properties, but also of a wide range of their applications. One of these materials is organza, which is used with equal success in interior design and in tailoring.

Organza samples
Organza samples


Organza is a very thin, but rather tough, transparent fabric made from silk, polyester or rayon by twisting the fibers of these materials. It is thanks to their combination that organza has a soft silvery sheen and shimmers in the sun.

Previously, this amazing fabric was made entirely from natural materials. For its creation, strong, thin, almost transparent threads were selected and subjected to extremely complex processing, which formed its prohibitively high cost. Now organza has begun to be produced from polyester fibers, which made it possible not only to reduce the cost of the fabric, but also to acquire additional properties for it - low creasing, good lightfastness and insensitivity to organic solvents.

Organza is beautiful in itself, but as an additional decoration, a pattern is produced on it, which is obtained by embroidery, etching and printing. In addition, it is often perforated and artistically cut with a laser, which creates an incredible effect.

Some of the thorniness and stiffness of organza has proven to be very much in demand in the design of modern interiors. These two qualities make it possible to form beautiful and voluminous folds from the fabric on curtains and lambrequins. In addition, evening dresses and wedding dresses are made of incredible splendor.

The origins of organza are still debated. Experts and historians agree only on the fact that for the first time in European countries it appeared only at the end of the 18th century and was brought from the East, most likely from India.

And the name of the material itself raises questions. A lot of versions are being put forward. According to one of them, the name of the fabric has French roots. Another version claims that the name came along with material from Uzbekistan and is named after the name of the ancient city of Urgench. British dictionaries are sure that the name "organza" comes from the name of the Lorganza brand, which produced silk fabrics.

Organza types

In appearance, organza is almost transparent. It can be matte or has a shiny texture. However, thanks to the development of industry, not so long ago, new types of it appeared - organza-chameleon and organza-rainbow.

Organza-chameleon is obtained by weaving threads of different colors, which helps to achieve the "shangjang" effect, that is, the fabric changes its color depending on the angle of incidence of light.

Organza rainbow has a vertical stripe pattern that smoothly transitions from one color to another.

In addition, there is an organza with gold and silver plating, a crinkled organza, as well as with an interweaving of aluminum thread.

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